…I believe there is always the way…

This is the story about THE POWER OF DREAM. I met Mba Ainun when I took English course at CILACS (Center for International Language and Culture Studies). She has graduated from French majoring, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Do you remember Mba Ainun when we shared about our dreams 2 years or even 5 years ahead? It’s really something, isn’t it? I’m so impressed with your full-efforts to get the scholarship and how you handle ‘things’ behind your success to get it. I strongly believe at that time you can get it. I believe there is a way for people who struggle for his/her dreams and always prejudice either to God. CONGRATULATION FOR YOUR SUCCESSFULLNESS TO REALIZE ONE OF YOUR DREAMS, GOES TO FRANCE! Hope Allah Almighty will always give you an ease way there…

The above quote was taken from Mba Ainun’s timeline. It really has deep meaning. It likes you have the right guideline how to live your life. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR STUDY THERE! SUCCESS FOR US!

_Cha-Cha Zahara_
Yogya, 23th January 2012_

Mba Ainun yang cantik sedang belajar di Perancis agar bisa lebih banyak ‘berbagi’ dengan orang lain ketika pulang nanti ke Tanah Air…So impressed, so inspiring!


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