Geez, I’m 24 now!!!

Dear Blog,
I don’t know what to say. Really I’m so touched what the beloved people have done for me on my special day. Yup, my birthday is one day ago, January 10th. I’m 24 now……Reaching at this age means I have to try to be mature lady (LOL!!!) First of all, I wanna give MY GREATEST THANKS to ALLAH ALMIGHTY for His blessings until now. And then, for my beloved parents for their pure love, full support, and praying. Therefore, for my beloved brother, you’re awesome! Thanks for my family to give me the warm family.
I think, at the beginning, My Day will be so flat this year. But I was so wrong. Surprisingly, I got 2 surprises on one day. Geez, how lucky I am!

This one is the 1st cake which I got from my beloved boarding house sisters. They are Mba Lopinda, Ninis-Chan, and Renni. I’m so surprised when someone knocked at my door. And this way how the party began… They sang Happy Birthday song for me ‘Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to Cha-Cha….’ Oh God, I’m so touched. I was so sleepy, it likes I was dreaming at that time. I’m so appreciate for surprised party that they did. THANKS!!! ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!! DANKE!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! GRACIAS!!! So Speechless…
Blog, do you know? This day, I had to face 2 exams. Oh, so tired because I had to spend my night to preparing for my exam. Thanks God, You give me an ease way to did it perfectly.
After the exam, coincidently, my phone was ringing. It was from my closest friend, Muthia. She said ‘Hi dear, where are you now? I want to go to your place now.’ Yup, I got the 2nd surprised from my closest friends, Muthia and Atiek. They are my friends since I was in Junior High School and we keep our friendship so tightly until now. I have to say I’m the lucky person who have you all in my life.

The 2nd cake which I got from my closest friends, Muthia and Atiek (Love you all…)
As usual, we talked each other, smile together, and made photographs. I was so happy yesterday. So, after we went home, I sent message for each person;
Dear my very best friends,
Thanks for today
I’m so touched
Hope this will be an everlasting friendship
May Allah bless all of us and your wishes to me will come back to you as well
Love you all…

In this special occasion, I wanna give My Greatest Thanks to:
Allah Almighty, for His blessings
Mom and Dad, for your love
My beloved brother, for our togetherness
My boarding house sisters, Mba Lop, Ninis-Chan, Renni, for our sisterhood
My very best friends, Muthia, Atiek, Alma, Yohanis, for warm friendship
All of my friends, for your wishes to me
I don’t know what to say
I do really hope your wishes to me will come back to you as well…

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday Cha, May Allah bless you in years ahead; ease your ways in reaching your dream… Amin Ya Rab. Love, father PIKIN and Mama …(Papa, January 10th, 2012)

Assalamualaikum. Selamat ultah ke-24. Semoga panjang umur, dimudahkan rezekinya, dikuatkan ingatannya. Amin (Mama, January 10th, 2012)

Cha.a.a.a.a…Met ultah. Moga sehat terus, sukses di setiap langkah kehidupannya n selalu happy. Amien amien amien…(Yohanis, my best friends)


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