Dear Future Me…

I read this letter intuitively.  Geez, I am so surprised what the writer wrote to himself 20 years in the future. Actually, I am agree with him and I want to share with all of you what I want to be in the future. There is a little addition of the points. I do hope you have got something. Let’s enjoy this!

Dear Future Me,

When you read this letter in 20 years time, I hope you’ll be able to say:

  • You have appreciated your life. You took time to ‘’smell the roses”. You have been grateful for the simple things you’ve got.
  • You didn’t let money control your life. You didn’t take a job just for the money.
  • You were honest in your relationships. You didn’t hide your feelings. You tried to make your relationships become stronger through honesty.
  • You let your children be what they’re going to be. You didn’t try to make them into imitations of yourself. You tried to find out what they wanted instead of telling them what you thougt was right.
  • You remembered that you were young and the spirit of youth is a wonderful thing to preserve.
  • You will not ever make many excuses to reach your dreams . You listened to your heart and followed your dreams.



Cha-Cha Zahara


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